Monday, 26 December 2011

Tea Time

One of the things I miss most about living in Japan is the delectable sweets.
If you've lived in Japan, you will know what I mean. Sweets elsewhere (perhaps with the exception of France) is not the same, taste-wise and aesthetically.

Here is a very cute site on making Chiffon Cakes シフォンケーキ that I found.
Some of the recipes are very Japanese and that makes me 'homesick'.
Incidentally, learning Japanese via recipes is a great way to brush up on vocabulary and also get something else useful out of it!

シンガポールには、一番人気ケーキと言えば、Pandan Chiffon です。


Alyse S. said...

It's so true!! So may different kinds of sweets in Japan :)
Hopefully you get to make some at home..!

Eri ちゃん said...

I will try! Thanks for leaving a note, Alyse :)