Friday, 30 December 2011


From time to time, I get mailers from Medi-ya (Liang Court) Supermarket . This time, there's a huge year-end sale, 歳末大売出し where you can get some fresh produce from rice, veges, wagyu beef to sake and rice cakes which would complete the basics for a traditional New Year's Eve dinner.
Even though it's Summer in Singapore, it's a family tradition to have お鍋 regardless of where we are.
Why don't you try it too, in Singapore! They sell おせち料理 too which could serve as a good taster for Singaporeans but you need to order it well in advance.

The flyers and catalogues from Medi-ya are a great help with language-learning since they are bilingual :)

Even though I really miss the traditional New Year in Japan, I am excited to celebrate my first New Year in Singapore! I think celebrations here are pretty westernised but I guess I will mix it up as I go along. While I miss the cold, TV shows and great food in Japan, I am looking forward to a fun year ahead in Singapore :)
Happy New Year everyone! 新年あけましておめでとうございます!

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gaijinwife said...

Happy New Year :) I'm not a fan of 年末 or 正月 tv programs - especially now that I have small children and news and variety and singing programs take over all the channels!!
Hope you are having a great first New Years celebration in Singapore.