Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 Japanese Buzzwords and Street Slang

Buzzword of 2011 was 撫子ジャパン (nadeshiko Japan)
but my favourite is also the Kanji chosen for the year 2011

絆 Kizuna 

Other runner-ups include:

東日本大震災 (higashi nihon dai shin sai)
絆  (kizuna)
帰宅難民 ( kitaku nan min)
なう= now
わず = was
うぃる= will
ドクカワrefers to someone who looks cute at first but later reveals a darker sombre side
草食系 (sou shoku kei ) = passive personality
肉食系 (niku shoku kei) = aggressive
ロールキャベツ = looks weak on the exterior but is strong inside
なるはや = as soon as possible
ヒャクパー = 100%
ドンマイ = don't mind

Article is from The Japan Times and Japan Today

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